CRI has proven ability to handle multi-million dollar monthly placements to multimillion dollar accounts receivable clean-up.

We support a state of the art, proprietary collections account management software called DAKCS. DAKCS is a comprehensive Windows based, computer software system designed to help manage every facet of collection activities from the time a delinquent account hits, until the final payment is posted to satisfy that account.

The following detail indicates several different methods of receiving your data:

Direct Line Connection – This is the implementation of several direct line connections. The direct line connection provides a fast transfer process along with a variety of other options. With this type of connection, we are able to setup our work stations to interface with your system which offers real time response. Transfers of   large amounts of data are fast and secure.

FTP – This provides you the option to send data to our secure FTP site. For many users, FTP can be automated into nightly processing and provide a seamless connection to our system.

EDI – Several clients use EDI standards in their file transfer processes therefore CRI complies with the ANSI-X12 standards and supports different document sets.

Email/DVD/CD/ Diskette – We accept standard Excel spreadsheets on email as well as formatted DVD, CD, and 1.44 high-density diskettes.

Online Client Access – CRI provides secure online access providing our clients with the ability to download their files directly to our server, to review their accounts real time on a password client access site. The online client access allows you to see your account balance, status, notices that have been sent and collector notes.

Our system is capable of electronic transfer of accounts given a specific date. Should the account not have a payment within a given specified time the computer will cancel the account and return it at the specific date requested by you.